110 Commits (f3279c1485881f251618f319c108289c41ef05a3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tom Bannink f3279c1485 Shadow map can be shown in a View with the command 'shadowmap' in the console 2 years ago
  Tom Bannink ed3c19f473 Shadows are working now, but are very slow 2 years ago
  Tom Bannink 9ee587d3a8 Merge branch 'master' into graphicsScale 2 years ago
  Tom Bannink ba63bad433 Added render-to-texture functionality, untested. Added some initial code for shadows but far from complete 2 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage ff6bf557ff Merge branch 'fps_counter' 2 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage 1fb29bd8f6 add fps counter 2 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage 8aceafdc97 only able to select units of active faction, and not empty tiles 2 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage 9ad3c91720 fix input conflict 2 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage afc52c2574 faction colors 2 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage b6c58f9c77 preliminary work on turns, end with backspace 2 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage 51072028c3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/pathfinding' into factions 2 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage 8c84f4deab begin work on factions 2 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage 5b8ad4b63a Further work on getVision 2 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage 1f670f37ec make UnitGraphics pure virtual 2 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage ee11e1bfb7 remove obsolete code for thick triangle 2 years ago
  Tom Bannink 957e0b2671 Added 'thick triangle' with normals and flat-shaded basic lighting 2 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage d6cfc74a59 add experimental controller support 2 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage fe404ae2b7 Start of Overhaul of getVision 2 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage 7aa6120308 Actually add triangles 3 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage ddb198fc94 Jan-Willem wil geen slinkies maken 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 35bf15127f Added circle primitive (20-gon) 3 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage a4b5144994 triangles now fly 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 25f6790851 GraphicsComponent has vec3 as scale instead of float 3 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage f6159d55c1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/graphicsScale' into unit_shapes 3 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage 8da478ecd2 Shape is now a subclass of Unit 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink c4945ce683 No longer crashes when fonts not found 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink b3432452c7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mouse_selection' into engine 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 5f2dc7f658 Updated TODO list 3 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage a8ab010eb3 Fix typo in unknown command 3 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage d43d7f8359 add right mouse button for movement 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 9fcad034a6 Added TODO list 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 8853eb850d UTF-8 support in font rendering 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 44572aa1c2 CommandHandler string to const string& 3 years ago
  Peter Kristel a414293a1b Merge and edit quit command 3 years ago
  Peter Kristel 726b4805c2 Invisible tiles highlight blue. getVisible does not work. 3 years ago
  Peter Kristel e17660e1e2 Fixed Grid::getVision, and added debug hotkey j to output vision. 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 47b2b968cd Added Arya::CommandHandler to handle (console) commands. Game example binds quit/exit 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 8eea115626 Added stb header-only rectangle packing library 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 0c408eefcf Font rendering greatly improved. Label positioning now works as expected. Text starts at upper left of label and newlines work. 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 6ee70cff59 TextBox cursor blinks when textbox has focus (and is gone if not focussed) 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink d56d7964ae Text geometry stores text line bounding box 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink b5ec2aa5fe DejaVu Sans Mono for console 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 07f3530792 TextInput binding now supported for text boxes. TextBox works. Console works. Font rendering should be improved (UTF-8). 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink ce8a42f8f9 Text rendering update. Label positioning now works as expected. TextBox now has focus if clicked and unfocus if clicked outside 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 021c7a1102 InputSystem 2.0 complete. Chaining implemented and prismer updated 3 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage e6c3f8f4fa call unit update 3 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage d9e69cc3eb fix out of bounds error 3 years ago
  Jan-Willem Buurlage 4d84f0bb48 selection using mouse 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 95fabf2ba7 Fix glewInit error message bug 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 9afcfd2da3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/unit_movement' into engine 3 years ago