17 Commits (f3279c1485881f251618f319c108289c41ef05a3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tom Bannink f3279c1485 Shadow map can be shown in a View with the command 'shadowmap' in the console 2 years ago
  Tom Bannink ed3c19f473 Shadows are working now, but are very slow 2 years ago
  Tom Bannink ba63bad433 Added render-to-texture functionality, untested. Added some initial code for shadows but far from complete 2 years ago
  Tom Bannink ce8a42f8f9 Text rendering update. Label positioning now works as expected. TextBox now has focus if clicked and unfocus if clicked outside 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink a662fdda19 Added a basic console 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 0536d82999 Added Font rendering! Currently only renders as geometry. Next version will render as texture with string on it 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 81c951dd32 Initial Interface system is working. 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 35811567d7 Engine now only holds WEAK pointers to Entities. So user is responsible for keeping the entities 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 1d1a608b45 Some basic mouse-to-world functionality put into game 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink fa072c5c59 Shader uniform system rewritten. There are now builtin uniforms and custom uniforms using callbacks 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 405d2b4620 Billboards implemented 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 28e54f97bf Moved movematrix from entity to graphicscomponent. Added BillboardGraphicsComponent 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 84baa20f8c Removed 'EntitySystem' class. With shared_ptr it is easier to have an entitylist in World 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 4e695a2740 Updated almost every pointer to a smart pointer 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink bab0b4965a Models use separate shaders. Modelmanager decides on shader for each model. Primitives use separata shaders. 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink e34a8d855e Added primitives but does not work yet 3 years ago
  Tom Bannink 353439cf27 Initial copy of Arya2 engine 3 years ago