Turn-based strategy game based on colors and shapes.

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Todo list

Engine - Arya

  • Line strokes for fancy looking primitives
  • Sound Use SDL
  • Shaders
    • Better shader system. Adding a custom part to a shader should not require copying/rewriting the entire shader.
  • Particle effects If possible, support for the standard particle effect format

Low priority

  • CommandHandler
    • Set commands with argument and argument types
    • Argument parsing so callback gets proper arguments instead of line
    • Tab-completion
  • Shadows
    • Improve speed after completing shader system
  • Skybox
  • Text rendering Benchmark these options
    • Per label, save a list of quads (Arya::Geometry) and render these every frame
    • Per label, prerender text to a texture by first generating quad geometry with stb_truetype and then using OpenGL Render-To-Texture
    • Per label, prerender text to a texture on CPU by using stb_truetype methods


Search for C++11 networking libraries

Game - Prismer

  • Networking integration
    • Create event-based system where user input as well as network input goes through the same event handlers
    • Event system handles GameEvents
    • Input classes like GridInput that handle selecting/hovering tiles (ClientSideEvents ?) are not handled in this way.
    • Instead after a tile is selected and a game event is performed then a GameEvent is sent to the event system.
  • Client-Server modularity
    • Classes should be designed such that the server can compile the game without linking to the graphics engine
    • Information like hovered should preferably be in a client-only component of Tile or Client subclass of Tile.