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file-encrypter - gui & cli


cli version 2

cli version 1

The purpose of this program is to ease the process from encrypting and decrypting your personal files. Your are not limited to text files. You can encrypt other programs, archives and so on with this fellow.


  • python
  • gpg

for the gui version:

  • python-gobject (for debian is python-gi) -- all of this is known as gtk+ 3
  • webkitgtk, pywebkitgtk
  • p7zip

Archlinux support

Archlinux users can install the program directly from AUR, without the need to download it from here.

yaourt -S file-encrypter-git

Usage (cli version)

To encrypt single file, let's say "a.txt" .

python e a.txt

To decrypt the encrypted "a.txt" file:

python d a.txt

Usage2 (gui version)

Make the program executable with permissions to read and write. Double click on it and choose between encrypting a file or decrypting.

Thanks to "ssbr, simpson, _habnabit" from the official #python channel who suggested me to replace the openssl version of this program with GPG.